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new knex gun/rifle with movabled stock Answered

my very best knex rifle or assult rifle tell me what yout think


looks pretty cool, but no instructions to make!

Its... soso. ITs you best knexation yet, though.

no my p90 is check it out it only shoots 2 feet though sorry for a late response

Sure looks it. Especially with the blue rods surrounding the dead guy.

lol yeah i know hes my neighboor he has an account but never comments

lol oh its thatoneguy11d and 11d is pronounced elevendee

Yeah it's asi asi. No offense to radioactive but I find this better his latest gun. It's just overal put together better. More compact.

why? btw, that is not my latest gun. its my crossbow.............it will be posted this weekend

Well sorry I didn't remember if you had something else or not but I knew for sure that it was you latest posted gun. And why do I find this better? Overall like I said above it's just more compact. It isn't different parts all connected messy like. In fact if it had a better handle and probably a slightly cleaner stock it would actually be a very decent gun. Yours is ok but you know it is only my opinion after all.

meh, i would have done better, but that's the consequence of part limits

looks good. u should post it


9 years ago

That stocks even better than mine... ill have to improve it.

maybe because thats you posing dead in my room with a knex gun pointed to you face...hmmmmmmmm.......

no its not a machine gun sorry that was an error its ram rod

you sure it is a machine gun?