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non-online EL wire shopping Answered

ive seen a lot of websites selling El wire, but im not very big on buying online( i know, i know). i need to know where i could get El wire non-online.help please?


Fry's Electronics has it!!! Saw it there the other day, along with connectors, inverters, and AC Adapters!!


5 years ago

Fry's now carries el wire from ellumiglow.com. Seems to be going fast though. Was stocked last week and they are almost already out!

hi! i saw you're from sacramento. if you ever make it out to the bay area they sell EL wire at Al Lasher's in berkeley and at Costumes on Haight in the lower Haight in SF.

thankfully you guys are in cali mainly the bay and sac. i looking for EL wire myself and im from modesto hometown SF also haha this is a win for me thanks

That's ironic. SF is my hometown but I had to move to sac. Next time I visit my hometown , ill check it out. Thnks!

where do you live? You could try to find toys with it and salvage it out of them

Maybe at a big electronic store like frys

just 5 minutes ago i checked frys' website and i didnt find any.

its a huge electronics store like best buy but a lot bigger


8 years ago

No such luck at Fry's-- in person or online. Nor at Radio Shack.
The closest thing I've seen "bricks-and-mortar"-wise, is in the "detailing" section of auto parts stores.

My issues with online shopping are, besides needing/wanting the tactile experience with the thing before I plunk down money, when I'm experimenting for the first time with new materials/ideas, I want only a "trial size" and and I want it NOW...(before the urge/idea gets buried!) ...., and I object to paying almost as much (or more!) for shipping as for the actual materials themselves. This is an ongoing problem for me.....

I agree totally with you about online shopping. I'm also very disappointed when I got to a site and it doesn't have anywhere as much stuff as "bricks-and-mortar" store. They appear to not want to allow you to buy what you want, rather only what they want you to buy.

I found that some times they don't always have all the things that they have in the store as they have online.

yeah ive seen that on some stores too. ill check frys. thanks