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Can I etch my own PCB's at home? If so, where can I get a step by step guide for it?? Answered

I'd reely like to have all the details....cuz im sick of not finding any1 to do my PCB's for me!



I think Yashknowsbetter does us an "unintentional" service, in highlighting how important it is for Instructables to have a "block user" function.

I am not kidding when I report that THIS page ranks near the top if you Google "complete pcb etching kit". What a waste. :-(

Does anyone actually search this site or google anymore? Are people still aware of their existance?


9 years ago

If your UK based, Maplin electronics do a PCB etching Kit complete with chemicals etc. Check their website.

I want to invent www.onasilverplatter.com ...just sayin... There are...20 here on instructables alone.