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pet pictures Answered

well i want to see everybodys pets and see what they look like so post your pet pictures here. i will post my pictures here in a little while


My dogs, Ginger, (White dog) and Rosie (brown dog)


Here is my puppy. She's so pretty. I'm pretty sure she was born in late September or early October.


List of pets: One dog One more dog that isn't really ours, but he can crawl under the fence, and our neighbor can't keep him over there One rabbit (it needs to die) Two cats (they can't die, they're immortal, and they are planning invasion)

Then why don't you sell it instead of hoping it will die?

Because, my parents won't get rid of it. Apparently my little sister likes it.

Well, you could always convince them that it's dangerous.

They are. They have sharp pointy teeth! And they can carry disease.

But you don't own a Grizzly Bear now do you?

OOPS Names: Gracie Honey (once again, not really ours) Elizabeth Fiona and Cally

my brother says he wont come out of his cage...

no my brother was home i was in reno and my brother was taking care of my bird rocky and rocky wouldn't come out of his cage at the time


Shadow has "crossed the rainbow bridge" :..-..(

In the picture, he is the mostly black one with the white ring. He was nearly 7 years old, and so lived a long life for a Cavy. He had been loosing his sight, but he could still see well enough to find the food bowl and run to the corner and raise up on his hind legs when he heard me come home at night (knowing I had a piece of orange for him and the others). He will be missed.

Shadow n Shamrock.jpg

Sorry that he left you =o(
He got seven years of happiness, did not him ? =o)

Thanks. Yes we enjoyed his perkiness for nearly 6 years (he was about a year old when we rescued him from the Human League), and he seemed to be very happy right up to the end when whatever it was that ailed him, took him in less then 8 hours. So he didn't suffer long either.

We have Sandy, Sweetie, Tiger, and Baby. Sandy loves to chase the cats but she could not care less about catching them. She simply loves to chase.


His name's Spicky

Copy of Fotos B 057.jpg

10 years ago

My pet Squid. He does have a name because he won't come when I call him anyway.


is that realy your pet or is it just some picture

It's a rare giant squid - what do you think? ;-)

Though that's a lot of calamari! =)


Reply 10 years ago

And, it was quite tasty too!

Um, at that size, I bet he'd be tougher than an old leather shoe LOL

i knew it wasnt your pet i was clowning around

It's also not my picture - I'm RedNeckOreo. HamO posted the picture.

This is my cat named kiara

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.DEN-COMPUTER\My Documents\My Pictures\2007_05_24\IMG_1153_2.JPG

Don't be sexist. I can say any thing I want to say.

I'm not! I'm saying its un-manly! (although I like pink!)

Hmm, so how do you describe a "cute" girl LOL It is not unmanly at all to say cute :-)

Im not into girls! 1) I need to focus on school and God 2) I don't really need a GF

That doesn't mean you can't say, "oh she is cute", without engaging contact LOL

I don't like girls! so i don't think there cute I uslly say pretty as a complement! I'll use Brianna for en example! I told her shes pretty big whoop shes my friends and friends give friends complements

Well, pretty is kind of a step above simply "cute". You don't have to like something to think it is cute. Don't get upset, I am not trying to bug you or entrap you in any way....just trying to explain it as I see it.

well im MY point of veiw when you say that a girl is "Cute" you like like her. pretty is a complement see my point?

lol where do you live (country city etc...)

I live in the USA, near the East coast, in the state of Pennsylvania about 3 hours outside of Philadelphia.

One of the areas known as Amish Country ;-) Unt if du think da youths spechen funny in here now onced, you oughta hear some of the locals LOL

And the crazy cat lady strikes again! :D These are all of my babies. I've just dedided to add info to the picture because that makes it easier. Bebop, Neko and Mama-Kitty live at home with my mom, and Jade and Didi live here with me. Bebop just recently moved down there and while I miss him, he loves it! He just wasn't happy in an apartment. My mom's been calling me to tell me what he's been doing everyday since I dropped him off. He caught his first bird and mouse this week! He just doesn't seem to understand he's supposed to eat them, haha. :D