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psp mod? Answered

how do you put custom firmware on psp with ofw 6.31? i dont want to hardmod my battery and i dont want to buy a pandora battery, if i could i would softmod but i dont have a spare psp with cfw. if you know of a way to softmod please tell me no matter how difficult. i dont care if i have to use a magic memory stick or not. also i would like to avoid a brick.



You could run an exploit or you could just buy a pandora battery they are really cheap from this link here.

i really dont want to buy a battery though, do you know how you might be able to open the psp battery and please dont say "carefully" please go into detail

Ok good luck. Don't forget to rate me as best answer, if you think I'm worthy of it.

haha o.k one quick question though, if i cut the battery open how would i do that carefully because i already tried the exacto knife and i didn't work out all that well, i am lucky the battery still works! also i stabbed myself in the process and it hurt. is there any way i could use a rotary tool like a dremel or something to cut the plastic?

I still advise you knot to do it because of the danger involved in opening the battery plus the fact that what your doing you have to remember is illegal. Remember these have a lithium battery in them that can explode if you happen to accidentally cut it with your razor blade. Spend 6 bucks and get a pre made one.