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restoring an emachines computer Answered

I've got an emachines computer that isn't wanting to restore properly, some symantec ghost problem, seems common with emachines. All i want to do is get it working again, without paying someone to do it. I preferebly want it to run using XP, its original operating system. Anyone know how to this?


okay, i just had a thought, what if, i downloaded a Linux Live CD and used that on the emachines, would Linux run properly?

Go to bootdisk.com download a dos bootdisk and install to a floppy (if you on't have a floppy you can find solutions using a cd, but I don't know how), reboot the computer with the floppy in the drive. it should boot to a dos command prompt, if not you may need to change the boot order in the bios. at the command prompt type Format C: when done formating stick a winxp disk in the cd, remove the floppy, reboot and reinstall xp.

. No need to go to all that trouble. There is an option to format the HDD when WinXP is (re)installed.

Oops, didn't know that, went straight from win2k to Vista, and keep thinking about going back ;-)

I don't know what problem people have with emachines. I have one now, and my computer before it was an emachines, too. I've never had a problem.

I feel your pain. I own an Emachines.

why can't you just reformat with XP?