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should i post this instructable (sword) Answered

i was just wonder if i posted something like this would it really help anyone out. in the instructable i will be showing u how (i)to make this. 


Hi i am mark and i am so glad to be part of this community

 hey people i am going to post this soon but i have exams shortly so that is preventing me from completing work on the instrucable but from the looks of the picture my blade could use a new sheath

 that would be really cool!

You should period. others will get ideas from your idea.

Good point. You really should before someone else does... 


8 years ago

 hell ya post it

just do it

 Wrap it neatly in aluminum foil! Let's see how shiny it will become, but it still looks like a Katana!

Hell yes, do it immediately.

cool, ill have to get some pics of the shining process then i can start ps glad u liked the blade 

Kiteman's zeroth. That blade is pretty cool.

 I concur.  As long as you follow Kiteman's law, you should be able to figure it out.