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shuffleboard plans i need plans to build a indoor shuffle board court about 8 feet long any help is appreceated? Answered



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Tables come in many sizes.  You really just need a stable, flat surface that's about 12" to 24" wide, and 9, 12, 14, 16, etc feet long.  Laminated fiberboard is a cheap approach.  To keep it light, you can make a 1X4 frame and top it with your material of choice.  Avoid uneven seams, either with long material for the top, or by carefully fairing and sanding the finished product.  The more flexible your board, the more supports you will need to keep it flat.  Adjustable-height legs/feet are a necessity, as the board must be very level.  'Climate adjusters' that let you dial in the curvature to keep the surface slightly convex are optional.  You can buy pucks for about $80 - $140, or get creative. 

Look for old countertop or flooring you can recycle before buying materials.

If you want a simpler approach, Lumberliquidators has a 12 foot butcherblock countertop that makes for a nice table, it's about $300, though:  http://www.lumberliquidators.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=1471

Here's an example build using a frame with wood flooring over it - photos only:  http://www.arealnice.com/shuffleboard/

Try these.  If too long you can scale it down in length.

P.S.  I googled "shuffleboard table plans".

You need the schematics of exactly what size a regulation court is.

You'll need some hardwood flooring, and instructions on how to lay it.

You'll want a heavy, sturdy table base - which you can place the playing surface inside of - so it has that channel inside.

Then; its just a matter of painting the scoring lines, then laquering the crap out of it and polishing until it's glass smooth.