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smoke smell removal from oriental wool rugs...house fire. Answered

how to remove smoke damage smell from oriental carpets. small house fire left residue, ash and smell throughout house. now I am on clean up, but can not find place that will clean theses type carpets with in 100 miles, (I live in the country), sure I can send to some rug company that does just rugs, but these are pure wool and expensive, do not want to take that chance. sorry, not knocking rug cleaner industries, they have done the deep clean steam on the wall to wall carpets, came out fine, but steam is not used on these rugs. well, any suggestions...thanks.


Best bet may be to use a bunch of baking soda. Give the rug a good coating and let it sit over night. Vacuum it up in the morning and re-treat as needed. Baking soda does a great job of absorbing oders.


4 years ago

A friend of mine has a small cleaning business and I have helped with a lot of fire and flood cleanups. In fact I end up cleaning all the salvageable electronics and computer equipment. Yes smoke smell is horrible to get out but the one thing that he uses that really works is an ozone machine. If you can find someone who can loan or rent to you an ozone machine it can clean up all the smell. But you have to be aware that it can be dangerous to use since in high amounts it can kill small animals and even people. Used properly it can neutralize all the problem smells. It does not "clean" as such but rather the ozone reacts with smells and chemically changes them so they are neutralized. Just be careful to follow the directions and restrictions. It will make your rugs smell like they have been hanging on the line outside for a week. (That's a good thing unless you live next to a feed lot.)

By the way, I just looked up more on the use of ozone and apparently some people advocate it for indoor air pollution control. That is not what I am suggesting. We never use the ozone machine when people are staying in a building. It gets set up to run while everyone is gone and shut off when they return. For portable items like your rugs, it would be set up to run in a sealed room with no one present. The favorite room of choice is an old walk in cooler room with a sealed door. Exposure to large amounts of ozone is not good for you. It is however a short lived compound and without the generator running it quickly disappears. It does not stay in fabric or anything else. it is an active ozygen molacule that reacts and then returns to its stable molacule O2