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so I am trying to make a cheap camera to monitor my baby sitter. Answered

 I have a webcam teddy bear but I need a DVR or some wireless system that can operate a Short distends away to record at least eight hours of video. Please help.


1. Monitoring shouldn't be necessary if you employ someone reliable.

2. At least in the UK it might actually be a legality question unless you told them.

3. Debut video capture software may be your answer - It will record from a web cam at pre set intervals. to your PC. Search for it. 30 day Trial is free.

Don't start with "so" it makes no grammatical sense.

And don't employ anyone to baby-sit that you don't trust.

You should be able to record the web-cam feed on your PC as a video-clip, what's this thing like as a web-cam?


If you've got the webcam, why not just have your computer record from it?