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so what's everyone riding here? Answered

I think I have close to eleven bikes in my garage right now (sort of unfortunately), though I only really ride three. for road/ commuting, I have a pacific voyager toys-r-us mountain bike that I converted into sort of a timetrialing singlespeed, complete with a shimano 400 crankset, profile aerobars, champion bullhorns, a look carbon fork, alex 700cs with hutchinson tires, and lots of other ridiculous things that don't belong on such a frame. I ride a diamondback venom park bike for bmx which I found at a garage sale for five bucks, not knowing just how good it actually was and my gary fisher bitter has been decommissioned due to a faulty front hub which blew out my axle and almost ruined my fork, so I'm slinging around a specialized rockhopper on the trails whose back wheel I destroyed and as a result, I've replaced it with a wheel off a peice of crap magna my friend left at my house a while back. I've got several others, but these are my ladies. they come and go quite often for me, but that's what happens. so what are you riding?!


I ride a skateboard... FTW!!!

a hyper mike spinner custom pro model bmx bike with animal stem and rear hub

I ride a 2008 P1. I upgraded a few parts to powerbite cranks, tenpack bottom bracket, dx32 rims, oddysey pedals, animal grips

I use it for street riding. It's about 35-36 pounds, so its fairly heavy but i can still hop 30 inches high =)

im suing you for copyright violation. i ride a cheap walmart roadbike single speed convert for cyclocross, i also take it on XC but not so much due to having to remove my back brakes because my tires wouldnt clear the rear brakes.

go ahead I've had this username longer than you XD lol

I am riding a mosh lux 4 star jerry bagley edition for winter/trails. When it's nice out I ride my motorbecain fixie.

I ride a 2008 Giant Boulder, a Giant Rincon which i think is about eight years old, and a Forgotten Victim BMX. I also have a heap of old second hand bits of crap i have bought, found in skip bins, found at the tip ect.

I have about 14 bikes. I have a good automatic bicycle, but it has a flat tire(because at school the fat kids won't stay off my bikes), and my mom wont buy a tube. I can't get a job either, I'm only 14. What I ride at the moment is a Huffy Rock-It that I found. I seem to have a problem with school and bike tires. I can keep a good tube all summer, ride trails, do stunts, then school starts. It last for a few days, but once everybody's tired of it they magically deflate exactly 25 minutes after I leave school at 3... Odd... Then they start deflating faster and faster after that moment until I can't ride them out of the driveway without them deflating.

I ride a Scott Reflex 45 on the old dusty trails.