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solar panal charge controller Answered

I have a charge controller.  I read the instructions and fixed the wires as instructed.  I fitted the load cables to an inverter but got no power through.  Everything works when I fit the inverter cables straight from the batteries.  Problem is that the load usage then does not show on the controller, so I have no way of knowing what if any, net power is going into the batteries.  As I am new to the setup I am trying to see what my appliances are using in an average day in relation to input from the panels.

Do you think the controller is faulty.  Someone told me the load cables go straight to the load, but that seems wrong as I need to convert from 12 to 240 volts.

Can anyone suggest the remedy.



Looking at the manuals, the system is supposed to be rigged

Panels- charge controller- batteries


batteries - inverter - load.

....which is pretty well what Frollard says too.

Thanks everyone. Thats how I read it. I am beginning to think the controller is faulty. The panels - controller, controller - batteries work (I am reading input to batteries from panels).. It seems the controller to inverter and back ( which should show load reading) is not working as the inverter is completely dead with this configuration. I will have to stick to batteries - inverter for now and try to get hold of the manufacturer or retail outlet.
Thanks again for all your help

The controller doesn't connect to the inverter at ALL.

My suspicion is that it goes:

panels >> charge controller >> batteries >> load (batteries and load in parallel).

You can see net power into the batteries, but most charge controllers don't monitor the load output from batteries unless the controller also charges the batteries or provides for the load from a mains source.

The load could/should be an inverter or your 'battery level DC' appliance. As a rule, your net usage should be the amount you put into the batteries - because they will stop taking charge when they are full, and at that point, anything used will be 'counted' by the charge controller.

Thanks for your quick answers. It is a Juta CM3024Z controller.

rated voltage 12/24, rated current 30A, Open circuit voltage of solar panel < _ 50V, LVD 21.4V, Float voltage 27.6, LVR 25V, No load loss <_30mALoop voltage drop <_170mV, charging mode PWM mode, temp compensation -4mV/Cell/deg C.

The panels are 6 x 12V 80watt (I thinkor 90) wired for 24Volt output.

The inverter is a Sinergex pure sign wave 1500.

I could scan the instruction book, but there are about 12 pages.

Is there anything in the info above that would suggest why I can't get power to the inverter through the controller?

Really appreciate you help.

If you asked a question previously that relates to give background that would be appreciated. Please tell the voltage out certain points like the the inverter plug. what type of controller is it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charge_controller ?

To make an comments, we need to see the manual for the product, and know more about your panel setup. Most inverter based systems tend to run on high input voltages.