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sound over smell Answered

could a certain sound frequency cancel out smell? as in the sound waves dissolve the smell molecule? i need to do a lot more research on this... but if it actually heads in the direction of a product where a non-hearable sound kills all the smells i copyright the idea as of now if you steal my idea and make money i will kidnap you and shred all the money you make until it is liquid and inject it into your bloodstream.


i know, i mean on a molecular level. smells are molecules. theoretically the vibrations of a certain frequency could dissolve these molecules.

You can't pack enough energy into a sound wave to destroy individual molecules.

Well you could, but it may destroy all in it's path, that said an electromagnetic frequency of the right wavelength might be able to clean a smell, energy wise that is, practically it may also melt people...

well, there is something that makes molecules unique. or atleast different types(as in, fishy smell molecules different then rose molecules. and i mean smell) then you should be able to make something to target those molecules. and point it out to me if everything im saying is bullcrap because i dont feel like researching it too deeply(at least not with this keyboard, it sticks and is very hard to type with. my fingers are actually getting tired) but you should be able to specify the frequency or something of the soundwave to target a certain type of molecule. even if it is simple molecules or complicated molecules. just like how water can wash away dust quickly but cannot wash away titanium quickly. ive had a lot of time to think lately...

It's really not something I can say is rubbish one way or another, I just thought electromagnetic waves of some description would be a more likely candidate as they have more energy... I know that Uv light helps the smelliness of your socks by breaking down the bacteria etc, microwaves kill bacteria in food, it was recently discovered that this is probably saving thousands of cases of food poisoning a year...

well, the problems with UV light is that you would need a large UV light lol. and the problem with the microwave is convincing people to live their lives in a giant microwave haha. im not looking for a way to improve air fresheners which just mask the smell, im looking for a way to completely destroy the smell. if this ever gets into a fabrication stage( a stage of discussion where an on-looker could figure out how to do it themselves with the ideas provided) im gonna stop posting about it and delete all my posts. this could possibly be used for a very bad purpose if it is ever created lol

Yeah the problems with microwaves and UV are clear, I was using examples to say that I think there might be some truth in the idea, if not sound then some other waveform, I just don't quite understand how it would work.

ohhh ok lol yea, i dont understand how it would work either but it sounds like it could. thats why i am pursuing it. ok, sound creates vibrations right? can molecules be broken up by vibrations?

wouldn't it vary with temperature if that was true?

. I don't think your idea will work - but it might. I don't think you will be able to mask an odor (in a manner that ppl would find pleasant), but you might be able to "block" it by overloading the brain with sound or other stimuli.

With the risk of being overly gross this reminds me of an old joke.... ;-) -Why do farts smell? -I don't know.... Why? -So deaf people can enjoy them too...

Reminds me of i-doser (don't know if it works yet), your idea sounds interesting

I don't think smeel travels in at a frequency, it's just particles of a gas in the air