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successful 5th pulsejet Answered

hello everybody,i think you all remember me "the pulsejet guy" atlast made my fifth successful pulsejet engine after doing some research on the design.

so you all remember that i made this engine before.


the above engine is a 4 inch dia engine,so now with the same dia i made a highly tuned chinese type which produces more thrust when compared to the previous design..At first i failed at starting then i made some changes in the tailpipe and got it running successfully..

here is the engine.


And the sound produced in this engine is comparably high its annoying annoying irritating ear bleeding and produces high vibrations..so should be little careful wit your ears..

and finally here is the video take a look at it..see you all in next pulsejet video,a bigger one..




6 years ago

Nice! You are really cranking out the pulsejets. This one looks like it has a lot of thrust.

thank you,yes it produces 13 pounds of thrust..