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tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontics treatment?? Answered

tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontic treatment??



Free medical advice on the web tends not to be worth the money you paid for it. I'd _REALLY_ recommend getting expert advice. Think about it: Do you ask your dentist to fix your computer?

Your post give me shivers. I've been there, or almost. No joints, but spreaders.Probably the best age would be adolescence. Earlier, and the body hasn't developed far enough for the change to be permanent. Later, and you may run into less than agreeable subjects. (I didn't have corrective work done on my jaw using spreaders until I was 17, and it was so uncomfortable both physically and mentally (sthpeatch impeithdment wasth awful.) that I ended up removing the damn things myself 6 months in. ~16ga spring wire installed inside the tooth line. I still have grooves in my palette from those stupid things, and the orthodontist did a terrible job of cleaning (he never once removed them to properly clean the area that couldn't be gotten to with brush and floss. Not to mention that the collars that were installed to hold the wiring crushed four molars. I'd consult a few orthodontists before you go ahead with the procedure for your child.

Until? doing some reading, there are people I saw age 12...16...not many other examples.