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there is an issue!!! Answered

as i look through different articals different ones attack my computer trying to access places on my computer that shouldnt be accessed just giving you a heads up i will no longer visit the site...thanks you for reading this ...even though i know nothing will be done about it....



8 years ago

OKay so i know it took me a while to get this info, but as it happens my software blocks it so then i have to find another one (due to the blocking) here is the info of the lastest ....it happend as i entered "everybody else is making laptop stands, so why can't I " instructibles.. Http fake av install request.. attacking computer Supercheckfree IP address this was trying to access my harddrive...

okay, so this am, after updating and scanning for viruses-yet again- I wanted to check on this thread at the site. Opened a new browser, typed in the url for instructables and BAM right away, when I clicked on the COMMUNITY link at the top of the page, got the same darned security warning/check and it appeared to by running through my files. Closed the browser, but got a dialogue box with the same information: are you sure you want to close this browser? Your system could still be at risk.
So I'm concluding that since THIS is the only place I get that crap, that there is a problem with this site.  I had really enjoyed coming here for interesting things, but think I'm going to have a hiatus from this site for a while.  I'll check back in a few weeks, but it's quite offputting to have that crap come up on a site you enjoy.

 While looking around on braiding techniques, the last one was by SFHandyman, there was a Disney ad that was flashing. Almost every time I clicked on "next" it would go to a blank page with the ad in the upper left corner. If I clicked on the "Page 2" block at the top most of the time it would go to the page, the other times it would go to the Disney ad on the blank page. This happened on every Instructable I looked at...

 I went to the same sites today and the flashing Disney ad is gone and so is the problem....

Could you let us know which pages you were looking at, and what reports your firewall or antivirus software gave?

Without full information, the problem cannot be solved.

Are you sure the attempted intrusion was coming from this site (which, according to both AVG and Norton is completely clean)?

Could you have been getting fake messages from malware already installed by another site or infected email?

thanks now i know this site is liget and its some attachment ill go back to the articals (if i can remember them rotf) and write down everything and ect...thanks for your concern. ive always liked this site it just caught me off guard..

now I'm having an issue getting the cursor to work when I put it in the box. Not sure if that's me or the site. the link to the bath bombs is this:

What happens is that we get a security box that says "your computer may be at risk as this site may contain viruses." when you try to click the box closed, it launches into a security run of your system without your permission. if you try to click the page off, you get another message that says: are you sure you want to navigate away from this page, your system could still be at risk. (or words to that effect) You have to close down the entire browser to get it to quit and it's a royal pain in the neck. 
I don't know if it's the people who are putting the info up on the pages that have this, that it is associated with their computers or if you have some sort of spyware on your site.  It only launched when I clicked on the picture in your newsletter in my email box.  didn't launch a second time.  Could there be something on your newsletter, rather than on the site itself?
The other thing is that when I launched that link a second time to get the exact url info, that security notice did not pop up again.  I have firewalls to the max and a current virus protector that is updated daily, so I don't know what this thing is.
I hope you can find it.


These things go (semi-)random to give you the impression what you're looking at is actually a problem. I'm doubtful that the thing would give you a fake warning about the site which you downloaded it from (esp. as it wouldn't actually be a lie...).
Clean your machine etc.


it only happened when I clicked on the link in the newsletter. Have up to date virus and spyware.

Aye but you said that it didn't happen a second time; the fault wasn't reproducible (it seems). Unless it was just a bad-ad?
See if it happens again, we'll know a bit better.


I get nothing like that at all, either from following the link you gave, or following the link from the newsletter.

I think it's malware working from within your computer to redirect you towards a site that will eventually ask for money, or tell you your computer is riddled with trojans and viruses.

Are your firewall & antivirus fully up to date?  Have you run a scan of your system recently?

As for the cursor, I get that occasionally - it seems to be invisible, but the writing still appears when you type.

it only happened when I clicked on the link in the newsletter. Have up to date virus and spyware.

I noticed this too, my guess is that somehow a rouge ad is being displayed on certain pages.  Since ads change, this would explain why the issue seems sporadic.  Likely someone shaddy bought some ad space on Instructables and Instructables isn't checking the ads good enough before displaying them, they're just assuming the ads have legitimate code in them, but this one does not.  I'm guessing it's not individual spyware since there are several people, including me, who have seen this, and I don't have this problem anywhere else.  I actually deal with computer security in the banking industry and this is one of the things that we really watch for, if we have ads or other code coming in from outside we have to be really careful to make sure they're not doing anything funny before displaying them to the user.

Thank you Davewking! It's not just me, really.  Just to say I did it, I updated the virus/spyware detector just a bit ago and ran it, nothing on my system came up as an issue.  So! I think there's something going on with the site. I get this issue NOWHERE else.

Get a screen capture next time it happens.
Copy/paste the link, if you can.

Nothing. At all.
It's a conspiracy to increase page-hits on "bath bombs" by getting people to try it....?
Or more than one person has picked-up the same malware from somewhere else?


I think if several of us are having the same issue with the same thing, it is likely something attached to the newsletter or the link.


8 years ago

I seem to be having an issue with the "bath bombs" page as well. I attempted to go to the page through the newsletter link and I noticed that I was not logged in (I have a pro membership). I tried to log in, but it continued to ask for my username and password.

I left the page and went to the main Instructables page, and I then saw that I was logged in. Thinking it might be an issue with the newsletter link, I did a search for "bath bombs" and when I went to the page, the same problem occurred: The page did not recognize that I was logged in.

I had the exact same problem a few months ago with one of my own ibles, I restarted my PC and everything was fine.

I had this same issue. I clicked on the link for "make bath bombs" that was in the newsletter this morning.  I've also had this happen before, but not sure what page it was at that time.