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true mag shot assault rifle Answered

Hello everyone I would like to tell you about my new weapon system. That uses a easy load mag like Ironman69's. It will come in 4 slightly different versions that will include. The standard version that will have a full stock, hand grip, and iron sights. Then there is the para-trooper version that will have a twiggy stock and will be a little smaller and it will have vertical fore grip and iron sights just like the standard version. Then there will be compact version that will just have a shorter barrel than the para-trooper. Then there is a special forces edition that will have a mock silencer, a longer fore grip with side rails for flash lights and laser pens,and will come with a mock scope. At the moment I do not have a date of release.


That's not your Mag!


i will be posting at the least the standard version

ummmm, ironman's magazine?

yeah without the cut parts and his pusher system the cut parts are unneeded and the pusher only lets you put in a few "rounds"

yeah i know i wasnt calling or trying to call it mine

I take it this doesn't shoot?

no it does and it shoots good doesnt jamm much or any thing

i will after i work on the looks a little bit and then i will make the standard for some odd reason i made the para trooper version first


9 years ago

This what your talking about in the comment?

heres some pictures sorry there from a $25 webcam i would edit the topic but then it would have to get reveiwed by the staff and it takes a while.


yesh on the looks part. Nice collapsing stock aswell

thx im really going for some thing that looks like a real gun

i mean not really going for some thing that looks like a real gun

Sorry *This what YOU'RE talking about in the comment?*