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usb over fiber optic cable Answered

My house was once part of a business that was connected to neighboring structures via fiber optics for Internet.  I want to put in a security system with some usb cameras and of course we know what those limits are.  I have successfully made 25' usb/cat5 cables using this site... they work great but I need 50 - 60'.  I was wondering if it was possible to utilize these fiber cables for the data side of the usb and somehow power it by other sources?  I know a little about fiber like putting in connectors and such and I do have 2 transceivers.  I can make rj45/usb connectors for the tranceiver ends but I'm just not sure of the details or even if I'm barking up the right tree.  I'm not sure where the power fits in either.

Any of you geniuses know how I could do this?



Well, I guess I answered some of my own questions.  Looking around it seems you actually can run usb over fiber in similar fashion to what crapflinger stated.  But I also found that running composite or s-video was a better choice for the transfer over the fiber cable.  I decided to go with composite wired cat5 to the rack, to converter, fiber across the building to another converter strait to cat5 wired to composite... to the camera.  It's running 106' and the picture is clear as a bell without lag.

I'm impressed!  Light is fun!

I take it then that the camera is analog and the computer it's connected to is "decoding" it.  Is that right?  Does a usb hub decode it?  If the usb camera plugged into a usb hub that is usually conected to the lan were transfered through the fiber instead, would that work or does the hub also need processing?  Maybe I'm back to cat5 in that case.

because of the way USB works, This is impossible, USB is too universal(aka the name), the data is digital, a signal.

Though you could set up something like a microcontroller to receive and interpret the data into on's and off's to be sent that way.

well...in theory....if you took the data from the usb to an rj45 connection, and plugged that into the transeiver it MIGHT actually send the data...then just wire in a 5v source for the power directly to the device

these can get a little expensive...but USB boosters can get you up to 150' without modifying the cable

Thanks crapflinger.  You know, I already have this fancy stuff in the house and  some $20 cameras, the transeivers... why pay for the boosters when I can really screw things up.  It's a lot more fun too.  Now, I have several 5v adapters for defunct peripherals like iomega drives and the like.  Would those work for power sources?   Or should I use old computer power supplies?  The cameras are just these cheep quick cam things.