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using window air conditioner as a portable air conditioner? Answered



9 years ago

fit a duct on the flat side of the back, and vent outside. Fit two ducts to the air intake vents on the sides of the A/C, and vent outside. Place unit on rubber mats and turn on. Presto!

Also buy a pan to collect excess moisture

What you need is a portable power supply - 2-stroke generator?


Window Air Conditioner is not designed to travel. But you can make a steel frame for it and attach wheels that can bear the weight of the air conditioner. But it requires to throw the heat absorbed in the room outside. So you will need to make such arrangement. You can make a duct of flexible material such as rubber and also add an extra fan because if the length of duct will be more, inbuilt fan will not able to throw hot air outside.