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vista to xp upgrade without piracy ? Answered

mom is going to buy a new thinkpad soon. it comes with vista home basic - probably oem licensed is there way to change the vista to licensed xp without paying for that ? (question is how to make it licensed and not just download and install xp)


try kickasstorrentz they may have an iso and a keygen.

If speed, performance or compatibility is your problem, I advice you to use windows 7 I have been using it for months now and most of my softwares are working fine and also i only have 1 GB RAM and 1.6 ghz processor and it is still almost as fast as XP

. If the seller won't "downgrade" for you, it may be cheaper to buy a used computer (make sure you get the install disc) and transfer XP to your new machine. . I don't know what the EULA says about doing that, but, as long as you wipe Windows from the old machine, I don't think there will be a problem. . Not sure what to do about the code sticker - I've never been able to take one off without destroying it.

we have only license for windows 98 SE currently. we want XP or atleast 2000

Fox is mostly right - some manufacturers will exchange the vista product key for an xp product key. Other than that you're hooped.

The answer is no. Unless you happen to have a copy of XP laying around with an unused serial number, you simply cant. Vista cannot be changed into XP. Vista is vista. XP is XP. Many features can be altered in one or the other to make them look alike, but they will never be identical. If you're buying new, your seller probably offers "Free Downgrades" to XP. Just ask before you buy. If you're buying refurbished or used, you'll most likely have to buy a copy of XP.