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what are a vampire's weaknesses? Answered


I thought a vampires weakness was an evening of Ben & Jerry's and watching The Notebook

It depends on which vampire mythos the story in question takes part in. Traditionally, vampires were evil creatures, so their need for blood was part of the sacrilegious nature of their evil. Those vampires were weak to holy objects such as crosses, holy water, and priests, though they also could not walk in daylight and were generally weak against garlic (for whatever reason). They could generally only be killed by prolonged sunlight or a wooden stake through the heart. More modern stories portray vampires as misfits and those plagued by a more biological perspective. They are often not weak against holy relics, though sunlight is still universally dangerous and they may or may not be sensitive to garlic (that and their craving for blood are explained away by a biological imperative based on the chemicals present in each). Though, strictly speaking, since vampires in the mythical sense aren't real (those who try to say there are are just people with a penchant for blood), the greatest weakness a vampire has is a sensitivity to a writer whose plot includes their slaying.

Staking, beheading, and fire are also generally still considered vampire weaknesses, even in modern vampires. ;) I haven't read the Twilight series, but don't they just get all ridiculously sparkly in sunlight? I don't think it's an issue for them.

thanks we dont sparkle

That is true. I forgot about the Twilight vampires. Fire, too, as evidenced in the film "Interview With The Vampire" (the book, too, I assume, but I haven't read it). It also seems that in some adaptations, decapitation will work, but others I have heard of they will continue to live even if their head is chopped off or even chopped into pieces.

CHEEEeee im a vampire...... Come to me, little mortal I can bring you to heaven's portal There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain Feelings of joy will fill your brain Come to me, sweet human thing Give me your heart and I'll make it sing Forget your fears, leave them behind Forget the troubles of your kind Come to me... yes, that's right Now hold still, it's no good to fight I'll take your blood, and leave you dying Didn't you realise I could be lying?

Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Vampires do lie. Though not as much as politicians.


4 months ago

quartz is our weekness it is a master healer. And vamprisam is a toxin so it purifies our body... Ps no super powers


4 months ago

vampires are real i should know



2 years ago

They would be in all seriousness, garlic, an oak stake, holy water, a cross if you truely belive in god, and in all likelyhood beheading. Oh but if ou want to kill a Meyerpire you need some water to wash the glitter dust off them. They lose their power if they don't sparkle like a windchime. And murder Bella. Not that it will kill them, but it would save literature everywhere.

does anyone think vampires are real? And if ypu do. Do you really think vervain will hurt them.

when im Near garlic it hurts i can teleport i do not see myself in the mirror and i can fly and i have fangs

Vampire weaknesses #1 is garlic #2 is a wooden steak 2 the heart #3 chop of there head(who doesnt that kill) #4 is silver #5 is the sun #6 holy water #7 anything shaped as a cross #8 the bible that is pretty much it lol they suck

I think that vampires are weak to:
Water but once a vampire is taken out of water it will come back to life,
they are rupulsiion to holy ground
& wood

This informations are from unnamed sources

well there arnt alot dont beleve every thing you hear a cross is the best but you have to beleve in god for anything to work


7 years ago

Most of the lore i read and what some of you seem to think is false. I will give you garlic, that stuff smell and that you cause them to becomes irritated. However, if you truly think a vamp will drop in the sun you might find your self in trouble, They would share many of the same qualities as humans, so the sun may just feel like a wicked sunburn at most. thing that i have found out that would work:
Dead Mans Blood: This would not kill a vamp but it will most likely weaken them to a state that would make them easy to deal with.
When all else false that best thing to do would be decapitation.
You cant live if you have no head.

For the love of god, crosses, silver and running water don't stop you so what makes you think it will stop a vampire?

Sorry about that um my lil cousin wasplaying around and got on my account I'm Alexis if she bothers you again call me or text me or type me watever

ok no wrong well i'll dont wanna find out do u no a vampire mr choupt

im a big vampire fan vampires weekness are
2: vervain(herb)
3: sunlight

Vampire weaknesses? These don’t work Crosses = vampires are fundamentally atheists anyway Garlic (celery and onions and other strong scented things have the same effect) = vampires have more sensitive noses than humans e.g. even humans eyes water when cutting onions Running water = pure so its SUPPOSED to wash away their powers REFER TO HOLY WATER SAYINGS Heat = DEPENDS ON THE TYPE OF VAMPIRE some vampires like to go to the beach and get a tan like us humans Stake = a stake through the heart would kill anyone, shock from it enough could kill a person.

yes that is right but also look at this:
Please Take note the headings
Stake Sunlight Decapitation Drowning Fire Silver Garlic Holy symbols Running water Invitation Arithmomania

underneath that it tells you which type of vampires are weak to - time of day and which are immune to each of the headings

there are various kinds of vampires, but the most common ones have the weaknesses of fire, holy water, garlic, silver, holy symbols (particularly ones related to Christianity and Catholosism), and sunlight. Apparently, they are easily combustible (makes sense seeing as they are dead and corpses produce methane), holy water is corrosive to them (if you can imagine spilling highly concentrated hydrochloric acid on you're skin, you're about halfway there), holy symbols and silver both catch fire when they come into contact with a vampire and also glow like burning magnesium to blind them, and they burn in sunlight but don't combust.

well, garlic doesn't really harm them, but it does repel them, so a good use would to be putting it over the windows, the air vents, the doors, around the neck, etc. if the coffin is going anywhere, make certain it goes over water, because then its powers are limited /nonexistent, especially if it "accidentally" goes overboard. one thing that does harm it, but doesn't kill it is anything holy, like a crucifix, or bread from communion, or anything else church-related. I have heard from certain sources that a throwing crucifix (a crucifix, but with a traditional leaf-shaped blade at the end, like a normal throwing knife) will work, if you use the right metals. now, to actually kill it, that is a bit harder. the classic method is pounding a stake through the heart, while decapitating the chap and stuffing his mouth with garlic. another method is to suddenly flash a large, bright light close to them, or spray holy water on them, as both is the equivalent of spraying sulfuric acid at them.

I take this approach for ALL threats. 1. As many shots as necessary to the center of mass, to stop or slow the attack. (Vampires may not die immediately from super-sonic injection of lead but it should slow them down) 2. Replace their brain with an empty hole. (I prefer 230 grain hollow point 45. with silver shavings in the hollow part held with a drop of garlic infused wax. 3. Remove head from body and burn both apart from each other, then bury in blessed ground. Wood is effective only In hurting and causing pain primarily because of its purity and ability to soak up the components of vamp blood that gives them their power, unless shoved through the heart and left there. Given the bone structure a sucssesfull strike is unlikely. Use lead and lots of it.