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what are the codes for controlling someone's computer using cmd? Answered

using remote controll to connect your computer to other computer


If you have a legitimate reason to be remotely operating a computer there are plenty of free software packages to do this. Splashtop for example.

If your intent is malicious, and lets be clear, even if your intent isn't malicious, unauthorized access and control of somebody's PC is a crime, then I have no interest in be complicit.

If this is for a harmless prank then you need to earn it. Do a little research yourself. The info's out there.


11 months ago

I find it funny that some people think of the CMD as some kind of hacking tool. We used to call it DOS and it was the basic operating system before they added all the click on stuff. An icon on your desktop is simply a shortcut to a program that is run from an .exe file. Rather than typing in the command to run the program you click the icon which then runs the file. In the movies and tv shows they show these people wildly whacking on keyboards but that is not the way things really work.

You can't take remote control of another computer unless you have permission. The other user has to allow you. The mechanism to run remote access is built into windows mostly to let a tech person help someone. With servers it allows an IT person to log on remotely and monitor what the server is doing and update things like permissions. Again the server has to allow you to log on just as if you were there with the keyboard in front of you. You need the passwords and permission.

To see the list of available cmd commands simply type help in the CMD window. if you don't know the syntax for simple commands like copy you are going to have trouble. To see a list of files available in the directory type DIR. But DIR only shows the files in the folder you are in. Do you have any idea how to change directories and navigate the file structure? DO you know how to hide or unhide files and directories or set attributes of files? That is what the file explorer does. It lets you move through the file structure without having to type in the commands. It makes it easier which is why it is used.

So what is the point of having CMD? It allows a person like me to navigate the file structure if the computer is unbootable. If I know what file is being a problem I can use CMD at the command prompt in safe mode to rename the file and prevent it from being executed at start up. Its a diagnostic tool not a hacking mecca into someones computer.


11 months ago