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what can i do? i have the BIGGEST crush on my best friend brother? Answered

i really , REALY like my best friend brother ! how can i flirt with out my friend catching on like her brother? i really like him ! did i say that already? :D


Why do you care whether she's aware of it? If the relationship actually goes anywhere, she'll know sooner or later; you might as well get it out of the way. Besides, she'd be a great source of information about his reactions...

One point, since you used the word "crush" --Be just a bit careful to make sure you understand your own feelings, and beware of implicitly promising the guy more than you're willing to give. Especially if he's a bit older than you. Remember that it's always fair to say "oops, I didn't mean it that way" or "this is going a bit too fast for me, can we back off a bit"... or even "hey, I like you a lot as a friend, but I think I'd like to just be friends." Having a crush, like "being in love", comes and goes; it's fun but very hard to sustain for long. Really loving someone, and being loved, has a lot more to do with friendship and trust, and usually takes some time and thought... more effort, but more lasting.

orksecurity is right, people. bespeaks wisdom that could be of use to many of us.

I second that. If she's really a friend she'll love it. If she's not really a friend she'll just get jealous.

Thirded - sneaking about will cause problems in the long term. Be upfront, maybe even ask your friend to arrange a meeting.

Fifthed. (?) Being sneaky only angers people in the long run.

sixthed.lol. honesty prevents anger and more conflicts later.be upfront...and dont let ne1 take advantage of you...its not fun.