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what does every body else think of 21122012 ? is the world gona end ? Answered

do you guys think the world is going to end on the 21 of the 12 2012?


Hah, that gave me a laugh. No, the world wont end unless more people like your inhabit the earth. Here's for hoping... -PKT

The End of the World . . . AGAIN!!
I hate it when that happens.

annoying isn't it, i must have died in the apocalypse like 5 times now.


8 years ago

I totally agree with Guardian Fox : too true<br />Um, forgive me for pointing this out people who believe in these kind ofloathsome, depressing things, but have you heard of the Y2K prediction?Pretty much EVERYTHING in the book of Revelations? Every-single bleedingtime they turn on the Large Hadron Collider? Every 5 seconds there seemsto be another person or another group of people saying that the worldwill end... Live while you can and enjoy it because, face it, if theworld does end, er, you're gonna be dead?...so like, why do you care ifthe world's over if you're dead...<br />Anyway, sorry to ramble on, peace out y'all =p<br /><br />P.S. Party at my house 22nd of December 2012 llol

The earth will be aligned with the galactic center, which happens to be a black hole. The last time this happened was about 20k years ago or so. I'm thinking your toilet water may go down the opposite way, Or maybe some additional radiation. Birds might migrate oddly. Nothing too serious.

Haven't the foggiest. Hoping I'll be around to find out- should be a helluva party in any case!

Because that is when the Mayan Calendar ends. And as you may or may not know, the Mayans were the first to create a standard calander system. use your googling finger to find out more