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what is a "French drain"? Answered

Was reviewing comments on rain barrel construction and someone mentioned "french drain"


Its a trench filled with rocks, to keep it open, that water can percolate along. In modern construction, the trench is lined with a geo-textile, to filter out fine particles, the trench is filled almost to the top with rocks, the textile wrapped over the top and the then covered with more soil.

The only thing I can add is that it usually has 4" plastic proliferated pipe in the bottom of the ditch to collect and carry off the water.

See this.

I have a new question: how do you proliferate a pipe?

Dang, I was fishing for a [blank] of Mass Destruction joke...

Just ask Subcommandante Marcos.

Spell check is know good if you cain't see two reed.

Damn. Of course there is.
Wish we could edit answers....

Perforated pipe is what you seek as the name of the pipe.
The pipe has a series if holes to allow ground water into the pipe to be carried away.

When I see "French- " I'm usually looking at a euphemism... not this time it seems.