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what is the best removable mag mech? (for Knex.)? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well it really depends on what kind of weapon you're aiming for and what ammo it'll use. For yellow box type weapons, I like SK's semi auto/My BAW magazine because it's really easy to insert but it's solid when in place. Another one I liked if you want a magazine release would be on my unposted PDR. I have a forum topic for that somewhere. Uh there are others out there though those two are my favorites as they're the only two I've used other than the special connection with my UMP. That only works with dark greys and only if you want the slant but otherwise it's simply but pretty effective.

I'd say kinetic's mag, which i used in my new gun.  It is easy to put in and remove, and has an internal mag pusher and a top, which means you do not have to put in or take out any blockers at all, it is completely self-contained.

I think the best one is the one SK used on his pseudo semi auto on youtube.   The Dunkis uses it on his basic assault weapon.