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what is the best/fastest way to improve your soldering skills? Answered

i have recently gotten a "real" soldering iron ( i had a very cheap battery powered one that didnt work well) and i have been practicing soldering but i want to find some new things to good at. Any suggestions?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I initially learned to solder by building the power supply for a HeNe laser tube. I was super sloppy and didn't really understand the technique, but still got it done. Later, I really refined my technique by building a FatMan analog synth.

The best way to improve is to have a project that forces you to improve.

ewilhelm has it - practice, and work on things that require acute skills - it'll get better. Of course, practice on things that don't cost a lot of money to replace first :D

well i got a new radioshack one recently because the other one stopped working. Im now building the $5 Cracker box amp & a random dice generator (also from an old Makezine article)


9 years ago

Practice! Grab some old busted electronics and practice removing and resoldering parts.

One way that really helps improve the basic skills is building kits. Also, soldering in general is the only thing that really improves your skills. Just make sure you aren't trying to "paint" the solder onto something. In other words, heat up the object, not the solder.