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what is the price of digital multimeter in india (curreny-rupees)it should be range of 200mV-1000V. Answered

what is the price of digital multimeter in india (curreny-rupees)it should be range of 200mV-1000V or can any suggest which is the best multimeter....(model numbr & company)


Does you require a 1kV max input reading, or are you just throwing desired numbers? Reason si that cost goes up rapidly for things like that, just as requesting precision resistance or capacitance tolerances... 200mV to 600V should be in the neighborhood of $6 US, whatever that translates to in Rupees.

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In india a DMM starts from $1
(actual pic)

where i will get DMM at 1$ pls tell me.

You can find much much cheaper, agreed, but you sacrifice quality, precision, accuracy, and importantly safety. There is a video online showing what happens when you overpower a meter (easily possible in day to day use) - some fail properly with a fuse, others fail spectacularly.

All of what you just said is nothing but speculation. Having used these myself, i can attest to the fact that these multimeters are brilliant.
The problem is that most people attribute (like you) price to quality which is not always true.
The same multimeter is sold in the States by radioshack for $18!

There is an actual, quantifiable difference between the guts of an expensive Fluke DMM and a knockoff, not speculation.

Agreed, there is an economy of local pricing that makes pricing numbers seem different - its all to scale - but 'in the range of available products' the cheaper ones will use cheaper components with looser tolerances. I was surprised to find this as well, that the expensive ones aren't just the 'sports car bigger price tag' for the sake of it. Simple things like the route traces take near one another on the pcb can make the difference of being safe or electrocuted. Under normal operating conditions they work fine yes.

Agreed - cheapies that can do the smaller ranges should be very inexpensive.

Yeah I got lazy and didn't want to look anything up...Mine is a 600Vmax DMM by Velleman (I had thought it was Chinese but I guess it's Euro...still made there...)so I didn't post it's model #, since he asked for 1kV in model.

The prize in Mumbai typically ranges from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 800/- as per the quality. Just find some in the shops selling electronic accessories.