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what is the safest type of welder? Answered

exactly what the title says i know they are all dangerous but which is least dangerous and what about those homemade ones with microwave transformers or the one with batterys and jumper cables


I've always been partial to oxy-acetylene welding. Everything is manual, so you have a strong understanding of what's happening "in" the welder (because you're doing it!), there are blow-back valves so even if you really mess up, you're not going to be blown up, there's an on/off switch right by your palm, there's less UV than with other processes, and it's very versatile. It takes time to become skilled at Oxy-Acetylene welding, but anything worth doing takes time. Chain your tanks to something sturdy (a cart, wall, etc.), and put caps over the valves when you're moving them, and you're pretty much golden. Wear gloves and keep water close by.

The least dangerous is spot welding. And about the homemade welder umm... I'm pretty sure it is not safe.

do you need a welding mask for spot welding or is there a normal welder that only does tack welds cuz thats all i need

I would wear a mask. I know if you weld on galvanized metal, it releases some bad fumes

Wikipedia says that spot welding doesn't generate anywhere near as much UV as stick, tig, mig. It recommends wearing a mask. That said, I've never worn a mask while spot welding, and we never had to when we used it while at school so....

The type that knows what he/she is doing.

... in other words, someone other than me. For now.

(I tend to agree with some of the comments from others: If you have to ask about safety, you probably have no business building a homemade unit.)

+1....... not to mention keeping big hair out of the way!

Safest way? Get someone else to do it. If you only need a small amount doing it's not worth buying the equipment.

well at harbor freight they have some sales for welders for $80 and i dont have a lot to do but more than a small amount

What is "safe" ? All metal welding involves very high temperatures and a risk of fire. MOST involve the emission of UV.

What do you want to weld ?


Buy a new machine for mechanical & electrical safety (rather than messing with microwave transformers or the one with batterys and jumper cables).
Read the paperwork that comes with it, get someone experienced to show you what to do.
There's a big difference between hazard and danger. Welders are hazardous, but not dangerous if used properly in good condition.