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what make the food sweet? Answered



Things taste sweet when a molecule in the food is of the right shape to be detected by the nerves in your tongue which detect sweetness. Sugars are the obvious example of such a molecule, but there are others, some of which cause a stronger response than sugar does -- which is how artificial sweeteners work.

(A websearch should quickly find explanations of the other basic flavors your tongue can detect, along with a description of how they -- and smell -- interact to form tastes we recognize.)

Why do you ask these bizarre and unfathomable questions?


Are you a bot?

:-) OK either a VERY clever bot or a real person with a strange sense of questioning.

As for the stupid goat - I have rather a lot of paper that suggests I am not that stupid, - Hey I am not the one asking the obscure questions!!!!

English probably isn't her native language, she's 15 years old, and she hasn't yet figured out that Answers is intended mostly for how-to questions rather than random inquiries.

Esther: If you just want to chat with folks, or ask questions which are more about philosophy than practical considerations, the Forums would probably be a better place for those discussions. Also, please do make an attempt to do a websearch to find your answers before asking here, since if you give people the impression that you're being lazy they may stop answering.

That does make sense, but I wonder why Instructables seems to be the fountain of all the knowledge in the universe sometimes...


Many of these general questions get posted on the other ask-a-question sites, often simultaneously with their posting here. Basically, people like having the answers handed to them rather than doing their own research.

Unless Instructables starts actively editing submissions, about all you can do is ignore the ones you don't consider worth answering, and/or suggest alternative places when the question is off-topic, and/or try to teach folks how to do their own research. And/or snark, which I admit is sometimes hard to resist.

Sometimes it looks like people ask questions just for the sake of doing it, I wonder whether the answers have any meaning on these occasions.
I'm certain this one is pretty meaningless as it couldn't be much more vague without dropping either "food" or "sweet" (omission of the other words wouldn't make much difference).


Some folks like the idea of participating / interacting, and haven't taken the time to think of a better way to do so.

It could be worse. Most of the "trolling" on the Internet comes from an exaggerated version of that same impulse -- people so desperate for attention that they'll settle for negative attention, and so clueless that they don't know how to attract any other kind. Electronic masochism. Which is why you should never "feed a troll" -- responding to them in any way just encourages them.

For "some folks" I often read "children playing with the internet"...


As far as I know the larger majority of educated people in Nigeria who have Internet access speak English. Seem to do Ok with minor insults :-)

The food?
What food?