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what smd components can I use to make a voltage regulator? Answered

I have components from a laptop hard drive and would like to know which components on the controller board can be used to make a voltage regulator that regulates voltages at 3,6,9 and 12 volts.


A HDD doesn't use any voltage regulators. They use the 5V and 12V being fed to them through the Molex or SATA power connector. If there are any regulators on there it will be on older HDDs that don't have SATA power or those that have both SATA and Molex. They will take the 5V and drop it down to 3.3V if the drive needs it but most don't use 3.3v/

thanks that is good info. I appreciate you time in answering my question.
It gave me a lot more to consider.

You'll struggle to find anything on a hard disk drive: they will expect to get regulated supplies from the computer, and besides, I doubt that the parts will be identifyable in any case.