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whats price of altoids in countries around the word? Answered

the price of classic altiods around the world you know the mints just post it here. i know in canada the cost 2.99 i think thats overpried


I buy the Altoyds in stores of Argentina. Peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon in box of 1.76OZ in price of 2.70 U$S (10 AR$) Whats price in USA of this candies? I need the Altoyds dark chocolate peppermint please!!!! sorry for my bad english.

Never seen them for sale in the U.K.

Are you kidding, overpriced?! 2.99 is what you'd pay for an awesome enclosure like that - AND YOU GET FREE MINTS! That, coupled with the 'quantas of satisfaction' you get from a WHOLE TIN of mints...they should last weeks or months...FOR THREE DOLLARS?! OMFG. I'm in Canada as well, so can't give better pricing.

i know im addicted to them my friend says he can get the 50cents im building a altiods robot can you suggest a name i have anoyther question

I'm a cannuck too, and my strategy is to watch the dollar stores. Occasionally one of them may get a box and sell for $1 - $1.50. Other than that, I haven't seen any better deals than the $2.99 either, unless you can buy wholesale.