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when making some sort of "flame thrower" using an aerosol and lighting it, is there really such thing as suck back? Answered

I dont see how flame would go through such a small opening, have air to fuel itself, build up pressure, and make it thick metl can explode. Even if it is possible itdoesnt seem easy. Cause axe cans and bugspray has some thick metal. Please respond


Heating causes gasses to expand, trap a heating gas in a pressure vessel and you have a bomb. Even if it didn't pull any flames into the can, enough heat near the can (like if you were using it as a flamethrower for example) could cause a heat weakened valve (like Burf said, they are plastic which doesn't withstand heat very well) to burst spraying propellent into the air. This cloud will quickly reach stoichiometric balance and poof, you're enveloped in a cloud of burning gas. From experience even the briefest of contact with a cloud like that will remove hair and cause nasty burns, I was lucky it was only my hand but you may not be.

Not only do AXE sprays have a propellent but they contain alcohol and butane, I've read this last one but never verified personally. Both of which are great fuels, especially when aerosoled.

I've had a can do suck back. It didn't blow up but after pressing the trigger a second later it shot fire without having to light it up. I let it sit for a while after that to make sure it wouldn't explode. I guess what little flame that went into the can suffocated of that.


5 years ago

Virtually all aerosol canisters use plastic valves and nozzles. Ignite the spray, the plastic can overheat, melt and burn. Melt the plastic and the canister rapidly evacuates, the flammable material inside ignites causing a flare-up, air enters the partially evacuated canister followed closely by the flame, the volatile contents rapidly ignite and KABOOM!
Despite what you've seen on TV, don't use aerosol products as a flamethrower.

If aerosols are over heated they can and will explode.

Igniting the flammable gas that many are propelled with is unwise.