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where can i find a PIC microcontroller?? Answered

i dont have to explaine it cause you guys should know what it is.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can buy basic chips for about a dollar each (or much less if you buy in bulk).

Here's one place. (Simple)

Here's another. (More options than I can sort through.)

Or just Google it.

Steve is telling you that these are a generic microcontroller that you can buy pretty cheap, and that's a better option than trying to find one in something. Things like TVs, stereos etc use specific ICs for the job, generic microprocessors you are not going to find easily for free.


WHICH ONE ! There are hundreds of variants. MOST places you can buy components will supply PICs

imean like what can you take them out of? like old computer?  what kinds are there

You'll be hard pressed to isolate any in a PC or whatever. I don't know where you will find naked PICs that are identifiable. In the PIC market, most are sold as flip-chips to commodity builders.


For a chip that costs only a couple of quid, its not worth it.