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where can i find instructions on building a working hoverboard? Answered

i dont mean a hovercraft, i mean a skateboard-like thing that actually hovers above the ground. i dont have a lot of money..... so i cant make one that is like a hundred bucks. i would also like for it to be simple and easy and compact.


I know where to get instructions. http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Hoverboard-from-a-Skateboard

If you go here you have instructons and you need to find 50 lb. lift magnets

what items you need


9 years ago

I think you have been watching to much BACK TO THE FUTURE

It's possible to make a hovercraft in the form of a board.

There are several difficult aspects to creating a hoverboard.

  • First of all, to constantly fight gravity requires an enormous power-to-weight ratio. Even the lightest and most efficient gasoline-powered blowers would be hard pressed to lift a person using only a skateboard-sized mechanism. The small fuel tank and large fuel consumption is a problem.
  • Next, the Back to the Future hoverboard seemed able to hold itself up without pushing against the ground. This would actually be a type of aircraft. Unfortunately, without large rotating wings (like a helicopter), your aircraft is likely to be very bad at hovering. Consider what happened to the Avrocar when it went above its 3-foot ceiling. The solution may be a sophisticated computer control system like in the Segway.
  • Then, suppose you found a sufficiently small and powerful engine, and can live with it only rising a fraction of an inch off the ground. You probably need a flexible skirt to keep the high-pressure air underneath your ground-effect vehicle. There are still the problems of finding a sufficiently smooth surface to drive over and the problem of sliding. Sometimes friction is a good thing. Imagine trying to keep a levitating air hockey puck on course just by blowing on it.

In conclusion, a hoverboard is possible, but not (yet) practical.

There are some large, unimpressive, and very expensive ($550) personal hovercraft being marketed as "hoverboards", but you should probably stick with adding a good engine to your wheeled skateboard.

I do fear the technology is unavailable to build such a device. A hovercraft is the closest you can get

From wikipedia...

A Hoverboard (or hover board) is a fictional hovering board used for personal transportation in the films Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. Hoverboards resemble a skateboard without wheels or trucks. Through special effects the filmmakers depicted the boards hovering above the ground. During the 1990s there were rumors that hoverboards were not fictional and were in fact real. These rumors have been conclusively debunked (1). Some companies hoping to leverage the commercial success of the movies have marketed hovercraft vehicles as hoverboards, but these products have not been shown to replicate the experience depicted in the movies.