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would a hydrogen engine be able to be made from copper/brass tube??? Answered

i want to make a mini hydrogen engine but dont have a big budget. i may also add an electric genorator to put on it for clean & green energy. please help.


Oh yes? and where would you be getting the hydrogen* from?


*clean & green energy

What would you power the generator from? (Remembering that you were thinking of producing electricity from the engine)


Sounds to me like you're trying to re-invent the lawnmower engine, and that's a lot more complicated than trying to re-invent the wheel. 

I guess what I'm saying is this:  It is winter right now in the Northern Hemisphere, and if you were to uh... "borrow" a small engine from somebody's lawnmower, he or she probably would not notice it is missing until sometime in the Spring.

I'd only notice my mower was missing about half way through the summer, when the grass started to block the view from my kitchen window.

Exactly my point:  during the Winter, and maybe continuing into Spring, most people are not too cognizant about the whereabouts of their lawnmowers.  Now if there was also some way to steal some clean-burning hydrogen too( Or is it hydrogen two?, H2?) then my evil plan would be complete!  Erm... almost...

I know there are bunch of Youtube videos of people running lawnmower engines on hydrogen.
So this suggests that it is possible to use a lawnmower engine to extract mechanical power from burning hydrogen (with air),  although I have not actually tried this with my own, or someone else's, stolen lawnmower. 

Still, how hard could it be?


6 years ago

Copper and or brass are not suitable for metals for a combustion engine. They are to soft and have to low a melting temperature. In addition they are easily malleable meaning they will deform and not retain their shape. Anything using hydrogen would /should be made from something like stainless steal which will resist both the temperatures and pressures and water / steam. You can make temporary prototypes from brass just to check the fit of parts and movements but that would be about it.

do you mean an internal combustion engine with hydrogen fuel? It would be difficult to make this type of engine from scratch. i would suggest either a steam engine or a sterling. just my two cents