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would electrical conduit be good to use to make your own custom marker barrel? Answered

I want to make a longer barrel for my marker, and I was thinking that I COULD USE ELECTRICAL CONDUIT. (ASSUMING THAT i could find it in the right size, thread one end, and screw it on...think it might work? or would I have to go with something else?


Are you planning to modify the device in any other way?


In theory it would work, but in practice I think you're asking for failure. As has been stated already, EMT is too thin-walled to take a good thread. Also, it is pretty flimsy and probably wouldn't hold up very well to the kind of banging around it would get during a game, plus it would need to be honed on the inside to make the barrel smooth enough to not break your paintballs, and it would be prone to corrosion unless you spent a lot of time taking care of it.
Add to all that the unlikelyhood to finding a tube of the right diameter in the first place, and you see where I'm going with this.
As an experiment, go for it. As a practical, usable paintball accessory, I'm not seeing EMT as an ideal starting point.


8 years ago

I think you should try it.  It might be a bit heavy, but see what you can come up with.

What do you mean by marker barrel??
I've read your question several times and can't figure it out.
Even at that electrical conduit (EMT)is probably too thin to thread.

A paint ball "marker" is what they call a  paint ball gun.  It is an attempt to make Guns less offensive to the general public.  I prefer paint ball gun myself.

IF it's the right size internally.  I doubt that you are going to be that lucky.  A tiny bit too small and the paint balls are going to get stuck.  A tiny bit too large and you won't have any power.  Have you tried putting a paint ball thru  a piece of conduit?  If it has the same fit as your "un-custom" barrel then it would work IF you can get it threaded.