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xbox 360 gamertags. Answered

Hi instructables. I just wanted this to be a forum so we can get to know each other's xbox 360 gamertags. Pls. post yours. P.s. mines is Y3ahWhat3v3r P.P.S. I'll send you all friend requests if you want.


FatherPassarell I play COD4 and sometimes gears i might be getting Cod5

I don't have one, my dad has got airfreshner

ExtraAngry Bolt Fell free to add me, especially if you play Halo 3

Murdercyclist ...but I only play Halo 3.

My is Sazze1337 . I play most naruto brokend bond right now. I'm from Sweden

A Guy With a M4

madcowman97 please dont ask

Mine is PinkyRipper; my cod4 clan quit and we were known as the "jack rippers" we all had different names of the human body followed by the word "ripper" to indicate our masuline levels... as you can see i'm pretty manly...

I am going to send you all friend requests today.

Just so you know, if you see a random person named y3ahwhat3v3r send in you a FR, than its just me.




My gamertag is incredibly stupid; I made it way back in seventh or eighth grade and I don't want to pay to change it. Plus, it's always fun to continually own people that make fun of it. :D

GT= Gun U down good

I normally play GoW2 and CoD4.

actually yes you do. p.s. im kinda a know it all for halo 3 but few ,and i did say few, things i do not know but dont worry if youd like to add me my gamertag is halodo3 but my xbox is out of commission for a week or 2 since it broke.

000000000000000h YEah! your that guy that sent me a friend request! 0mG l0l! yeah whats up?!

Sweet! Let me tell you now: it's awesome. All the nifty little features (crawling when down, meat shields, Horde mode, etc.) are a major improvement. Your teammates can revive you on campaign now :D.

Do you want to play Live sometime? My mike is broken, though.

Awesome! I was studying the manual earlyier... the meat sheilds look cool. i am going to play it later...

Nerdman234 Don't say anything.

Whatsup lads mines ledge its Xx i iS s0z xX oh and add me if ya want lol ; )

Mines... Nipps1337 Please, don't even ask...

i'm james mine is youiswho

If I get a 360 for Christmas, I'll be sure to most my "gamer tag" up here.