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your favorite song? Answered

what's your fav. song or band, instructables community?




10 years ago

Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Won't Back Down, Tom Petty. Free Fallin', Tom Petty. The South's Gonna Do It Again, Charlie Daniels Band. I've got quite a few others, but these are the ones I are my true favorites. Oh, and come on, you can't ask us without telling us yours!

Tom Petty is pretty good, VH1 2nd singer or something like that

paradise city and sweet child of mine by guns n roses EX. freebird is amazing!


10 years ago

Lost in the Flood by Bruce Springsteen Talk to Me by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes (F)lannigan's Ball by the Dropkick Murphys Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly SIck Boy by Social Distortion and last but not least... We Got the T by 10 Cents Short

. Wow! I thought I was the only one that listened to The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.

no, man. their great. we seem to like a lot of the same music, even though i estimate that you are thirty years my senior. funny how music can span generations.

dude.... I love that stuff as well flogging molly is playing tomorrow haha, the pogues in march (18+) have to do some sneakin, and dropkick march 12 ! haha and this sunday I'm seeing a band thats like dropkick only more hardcore and Oi oriented... very close with their fanbase in chicago where they are from I know most of the people in this vid

i'm a big ska fan, and being from jersey, we've got a ton of local bands. so i go to local all ages shows a lot. that is awesome if you can see the pogues + dropkick + flooging, or even just 1/3. have fun!

oh yes, the local shows we have here are... intenresting usually a bunch of punk bands in some ones basement hah. My friends band "the freaks" is pretty fun to see live their singer goes out on stage coked out and does the gg allin thing without the animals or poop, so its more enjoyable.

thats pretty crazy. my band doesn't do any crazy shit - we just play music.

listen to flogging molly's The Seven Deadly Sins and dropkick's Amazing Grace


i love both of those songs. how about flogging molly's "devil's dance floor"

I have never heard Flogging Molly, but someone at work told me to listen to them. I had forgotten until now... It's different. I'm going to have to listen to them some more, but so far, it's not too bad.

i have a couple but off the top of my head? Bone Thugs N Harmony - Take me Home

sunday bloody sunday by U2 it just strikes a note with me , i'm irish and it just is a good song

If you don't love Free Bird you're a communist.

Thin Lizzy- "WHiskey in the Jar"

. I used to listen to quite a bit of Thin Lizzy, but couldn't recall that song. Found an 8-track of their 1973 album "Vagabonds Of The Western World" and thought "OMG! That's terrible!"
. Dug around some more and found a live version on 1994's "The Peel Sessions - BBC Broadcasts 1972-1977" and now I know what you're talking about. Not exactly one of my favorite songs (or even fave TL song), but worth going to the effort for.
. I got to hear "Johnny The Fox & Jimmy The Weed" again - not a great song, but I enjoyed hearing it again. Brings back a lot of memories.
. Oh, yeah. I also found a video of "Whiskey..." I didn't know I had. Looks like a lip-synch of a studio version from the mid-70s to me. Not sure where it came from (I don't have any TL on VHS or DVD that I know of), but I have a folder with seven TL videos in it.

Metallica did a remake which is pretty good too.

Listen to Be quiet and drive by Deftones, i guarantee it's cool.

guilded c-nt-cradle of filth to much confusion-skrewdriver progenies of the great apocolypse-dimmu borgir into the storm-blind gaurdian 5 nails in the neck-cannibal corpse

skrewdriver... wow, you better watch yourself, a lil bit ago there was a blitz show , and all of the nazis and the sharps started fighting, if you gonna listen to oi listen to the better stuff like the 4 skins, sham 69, flatfoot 56

indeed, have you heard of "no thanks" its a 70s punk comp

yeah, i own it. its great! do you own it as well? if so, whats your favorite song? mine is "If the kids are united," by Sham 69.

oh man thats a toughie banned in dc - bad brains skinhead moonstomp - symparip minor threat- minor threat ghostown - the specials i can;t choose haha

minor threat is really good. i know that you also like Operation Ivy (vest instructable haha) and my favorite song by them is Knowledge. or Bombshell. or Hoboken (just cause i'm from NJ). but i love all of that early punk stuff. btw, i meant favorite song from the box set. My favorite song ever is still Lost in the Flood, by Bruce Springsteen

ah favorite song on the comp is probably wasted by black flag.... I'm pretty angry haha because X and the Slits and the new york dolls are playing chicago (3 dif shows) but the venues they are playing at have tight security and will boot my ass if i could get in at all... :'(

Make it Rain- Tom Waits I- Black Sabbath Breaking the Chains- Dokken Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult Louie Louie

hey mr dj, by global djs. its oscar and my theme song

Walk the Line- Johnny Cash Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash Bang on Drum all day- Todd Rundgren Tubthumping Rock me Gently Rock and roll all night


10 years ago

The Decemberists What's the World come to (SiN emergence) Soulja Boy - Crank that (travis barker remix) &c... :)

Wuthering Hights ~ Hayley Westenra Summer Fly ~ Hayley Westenra Bridge Over Troubled Water ~ Simon & Garfunkel White & Nerdy ~ "Weird" Al Yankovic

Aw come on guys, you all are making these names up.....aren't you ? I remember such names as: The Zodiacs The Chordettes The Crickets The Gaylords The Wailers The DeCastro Sisters The Hilltoppers The Falcons The Flamingos Vikingarna Vipers Skiffle Group The Everly Brothers The Crewnecks The Teen Queens The Teddy Bears the Belltones The Playmates Four Tops The Four Freshmen and Mills Brothers and there were some odd names in the 50's-70's but I haven't heard anything as odd as some of the names here :-)

sky is over feed us charades honking antelope all by serj tankian all have good lyrics....

oh. and anything by Rush

But nothin beats The Devil went Down to Georgia.

What I've Done- Linkin Park Numb- Linkin Park Blow me Away- Breaking Benjamin Back in Black- AC-DC Highway to Hell- AC-DC I love anything rock.


you mean, like Gibraltar ? :-)

"what I got" and "Doing time" Sublime "Queer" Garbage and "The Joker" Steve Miller