Arduino Projects
The Arduino micrcontroller has a nearly limitless array of innovative applications for everything from robotics and lighting to games and gardening!   It's a fun way to automate everything, enabling you to control simple devices or manage complex Halloween displays.

The Instructables editors have chosen some of our best do-it-yourself Arduino technology projects to educate and inspire you to make great things with easily-available tools.
  1. Intro to Arduino
  2. The Word Clock - Arduino version
  3. LED Cube 8x8x8
  4. turn signal biking jacket
  5. Tweet-a-Pot: Twitter Enabled Coffee Pot
  6. Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drum
  7. Electronic Instrument
  8. How to hack EEG toys with arduino
  9. Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand
  10. Singing plant. Make your plant sing with Arduino, touche …
  11. Musical MIDI Shoes
  12. n: how to make a multi-layered acrylic and LED sculpture …
  13. The EyeWriter 2.0
  14. Persistence of Vision Wand
  15. Twitter Mood Light - The World's Mood in a Box
  16. Make a swimming Robo-Snake
  17. Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern
  18. Matrix sound machine: Generative music with a particle sy…
  19. Drumming MIDI Glove using Arduino and light sensors
  20. Power Laces- the Auto lacing shoe
  21. Addressable Milk Bottles (LED Lighting + Arduino)
  22. Garduino-Automated Gardening System
  23. Easy build self balancing electric skateboard
  24. Arduino Xylophone
  25. RFID cat door
  26. Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock
  27. Wii Nunchuck Adapter
  28. CatBot: Automated Cat Laser
  29. Stroboscope (zoetrope) using Arduino and a broken Xbox 36…
  30. Romance Pants
  31. Arduino Laser Tag - Duino Tag
  32. Pressure Activated Light-Up Umbrella
  33. Arduino XMAS hitcounter
  34. Gas detector / indicator (USB powered) with arduino
  35. Make a Web Connected Robot (for about $500) (using an Ard…
  36. Interface a rotary phone dial to an Arduino
  37. RainBoard - RGB LED Rainbow Fader
  38. Build Your Own BARBOT
  39. Yet Another Daft Punk Coffee Table (5x5 LED Matrix)
  40. The Lightning Simulator/Breathalyzer/Graphic Equalizer - …
  41. Wireless Altoids Display
  42. Arduino Charliplexed Heart, just in time for Valentines Day.
  43. Arduino Powered Binary Clock
  44. Arduino Sous-Vide Cooker
  45. Ardu-pong! the Arduino based pong console
  46. Turn your Arduino into a Magnetic Card Reader!
  47. Tilt Sensing Bracelet
  48. FireHero: Turn Guitar Hero into an extreme sport by addin…
  49. Arduino Optical Theremin
  50. Necomimi Arduino Cat Ears
  51. Arduino Weather Station Part3, Rain
  52. DIY Arduino Nebulophone Synth
  53. Face detection and tracking with Arduino and OpenCV
  54. Arduino powered Lucky Cat as physical Webcounter
  55. Polargraph Drawing Machine
  56. coin slot detector
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