Introduction: Robot Fan Glass Gem Ring

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Rings are always such nice little presents, and this is such a quick and simple project, that even absolute beginners can easily manage it.

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

- a picture of whatever you'd like to see in your ring (photos work beautifully as well!)
- a ring shank
- a cutter (you can use scissors just as well)
- glue (I used E 6000)
- glass gems (the ones you use for decoration, I love the slightly uneven look)

Step 2:

Punch out (or cut out) your picture. Put glue onto the picture (apologies for the slightly blurred photo) and stick it onto the glass gem. You don' t really need a lot of glue. The blob I used was way too much. Then apply glue to the shank and stick glass gem onto it. Adjust the direction of your ring. Let dry.
Give away or ENJOY yourself!

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