Introduction: Chic Fabric Necklace

This is a light weight and low cost  necklace made out of fabric.You can create your own designs the way you want.,as well as make it in different colors to match your clothings.Not only necklace you can make hand bands, hair bands as well as earings too.I have done with two colord fabrics and my ideas turned out really great.You don't  need to buy extra fabrics to do this.Your left over cut pieces would be ideal.
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Step 1: Requirements

Colored cotton Fabric of your choice
Matching Felt
Threads to match the fabric
Tracing wheel
Carbon paper
Pointed needle
Pointed screw driver
Brown paper or any other paper
Cord rings and rod

Step 2: Create Design

Create your design the way you want.  Here are two designs I drew  on the brown paper for the fabric necklace.You can use any paper,it need not be brown paper.

Step 3: Trace

Cut out thepaper  template.
The fabric should be folded into two, and place  the correct side of the carbon paper over the fabric
Place the template over and pin it, so that it does not move while tracing out to the fabric
Cut out another piece  with very thin felt .When you use a lining inside the necklace is firm and stays very well.
The pink is done with out the lining,so I see a difference in it.Please always use a thin felt inside.

Step 4: Sew

Hold all three pieces together ,the felt piece being under and sew around as shown in the image  2
Turn inside out and iron the crease very well.

Step 5: Sew

First do  a tacking stitch by hand around the neckline and sew with the machine.

Step 6: Attatch Rings

To make the rings on the fabric you need a pointed needle / tool.I converted a crochet needle which is very useful for this. Also I used a screw driver.I have uploaded lots of images so you can see the images alone and understand well.You can check out this instructable as how to do the rings on the fabric.There are two designs in black and pink fabric. It is up to you to place the rings according to how you want.

Step 7: Love It

Doesn't this look very pretty? I had three sizes of rings which was mixed and punched.

Step 8: Band

Cut out two pieces of band and fold them in to four and sew it.

Step 9:

 Pass the thin narrow band through the rings on both ends of the necklace,and tie a knot.

Step 10: Lining

For some people imitation does not agree to their skin.And if you feel that it irritates you ,then sew a very thin lining of the same colored fabric on to the wrong side.See image 2 where  I have hand sewn half of the necklace so that you can see the difference.

Step 11: Wear It

What do you think?
Just dream about having different colors in different designs created by you matching your office clothes :)

sorry my pictures arn't too good.will try to up date with better pictures soon
Sharing with  happiness because it turned out very nice.
Thank you for taking time to view my Ible.
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