Introduction: DIY Tutorial - 3 Simple Ways to Make Colored Clay-earrings With Gold Foil!

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Tools and materials:

Soft clay (white, blue, light blue, yellow and so on),

gold foil,

rose gold foil,



hardware accessories,

ovens and other tools.

Step 1: A: Production of Clay-earrings With Gold Foil and Spring

Step 2: Take a Certain Amount of Clay (light Blue), Roughly Divided Into Two Equal Portions

Step 3: Rub and Soften the Clay and Mixed With Gold Foil, Gold Foil Would Be Presented As Scattered on the Clay’s Surface

Step 4: Respectively Make the Two Clays Into Strips

Step 5: Take a Small Stick, Strip the Clay Around the Stick to Form a Spring-shape, One End Would Be Plugged With Eye Nail

Step 6: B: Production of Clay-earrings With Gold Foil

Step 7: Take a Certain Amount of Clay (blue), Mixed With Rose Gold Foil, Cover the Surface of the Clay With Rose Gold Color

Step 8: Divide the Mixed Clay Into Three, Respectively Rub Into Strips

Step 9: Weave

Place the 3 strips of clay on one hand flatly, began weaving. After knitting, the 2 ends of clay would be phased into a circle, and insert eye nail on the connected position

Step 10: Making Ear-stud Clay

Make the small linking ear-stud for the clay (yellow) and wrapped with the clay, insert the nail on one end

Step 11: C: Production of Blue and White Color Mixed Clay-earrings

Step 12: Take a Certain Amount of Clay (blue and White), Mixed With Levels’ Feelings, Then Divided Into Two Equal Parts.

Step 13: Respectively Twist the Colored and Mixed Clay Into a Small Ball, Slightly Compress It With Fingers, Adjust the Shape and Insert the Eye Nail

Step 14: Make the Linking Small Ear-stud for the Clay (white), Gold Foil and Clay Are Mixed in Advance, and Then Divided Into Two Equal Parts, Respectively Wrap the Earrings With the Clay, Insert the Nail

Step 15: Baking:

Place all the clays into the oven, temperature of 120℃, baking for 10 minutes

Step 16: Combining:

After baking, remove the clay from the oven and cool off. Combine them into earrings with hardware accessories

Step 17: Accomplish!!

With 3 simple methods, we could easily produce 3 different styles of clay-earrings. Thanks to the softness of the clay and the bold colors’ using. Weaving, mixing, shaping, these 3 methods of production are unique and playful. Hope you will love it!

In this video: we share 3 simple ways to make colored clay-earrings with gold foil!Hope you will like it!
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