DIY Tutorial - How to Make Earrings of Glass Flower?☺☺



Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Earrings of Glass Flower?☺☺

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Tools and Materials:
  • Glass Bottle
  • Resin Glue
  • Dry Flower
  • Pearl Earrings Clip ect.

Step 1: Balance

Put the 4 glass-shells on the silicone mold to keep it balanced during the producing process.

Step 2: Choose the Beautiful Flowers You Want

Theselecting of flowers: Pick up the flowers you that are fond of and be careful about the matching of the colors. This action will help you make the color more astonishing.

Step 3: Trim

Trim the flowers you pick. You shall decide the size and length of the flowers according to the size of the glass-cover.

Step 4: Fill

Use tweezers to fill up the glass-cover with the colorful flowers you just picked and be careful about the matching of the colors.

Step 5: To Prepare the Resin Glue

Prepare the resin glue as follow. The proportion of the A glue and B glue is 3:1. Usually, we will prepare 2 different cups and these 2 cups will be used for loading A glue and B glue. Mix up the 2 glues and make sure you stir it evenly. Wait till the bubbles are disappeared.

Step 6: Fill the Resin Glue Into the Glass Bottle

Now we will use a dropper to take some mixed resin glue and slowly fill it into the glass-cover till the glass-cover is completely filled up.

Step 7: Put on the Top Cover

Put the metal-cap onto the glass-cover. Lay it away for 12 hours for the glue inside it to dry up.

Step 8: Combination Resin Glass Bottle and Pearl Earrings Stud

Match up the coagulated glass-cover with the pearl ear studs.

Step 9: Packaging

Attach the finished products onto the card-tags.

Step 10: Complete!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making the Earrings of Glass Flower!! Hope you will like it!
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