Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Mushrooms Earrings With Soft Clay!??

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Tools and Materials:
  • Soft Clay (Red, White, Flesh color)
  • Oven
  • Color blocks (Yellow)
  • Paint brush
  • Bright Oil
  • Water
  • Green moss
  • Pearls
  • Earrings findings
  • Earrings Hook
  • Glue
  • Pliers, scissors, etc.

Step 1: Take a Little Red Clay

Prepare clays of red, white and flesh-color.
Take a few of red clay and make it as the top of the mushroom.

Step 2: Made Six Small Red Ball:Large, Medium and Small, Three Sizes, Total Six Pieces

Rub the red clay to soften it and split it into 2 half. Then split each one into 3 pieces again. These 3 pieces are of 3 different sizes: huge, middle and small. Then we’ve got 6 red clay pieces.

Step 3: Flattened the Small Red Clay Ball, and Made It As the Mushrooms Umbrella

Slightly knead these 6 pieces of red clay and make them into the shape of mushroom- top.

Step 4: Make Pattern (the White Spot) With White Clay

Take a few of white clay and rub it as rod-shape. Pick up one of the red mushroom-top and make contacts to it with the white clay slightly so as to leave white spots on the surface of it. Do the same process to other red clay mushroom-tops. Then we’ve got 6 mushroom-tops with white spots.

Step 5: Make the Bottom Part of the Mushroom (with the Flesh Color Clay)

Take out some flesh-color clay and make it as the bottom of the mushroom. On the other hand, rub some of the clay as rod-shape and split it into different sizes and lengths according to the sizes of the different mushrooms. After splitting, use one side of one of the clays to make a shape of inverted ladder which will help increase the contacting area for the mushroom-top. Combine the red mushroom-top with the flesh-color clay so we get a complete red mushroom.

Step 6: Baking,1~3 Minutes, 100 Degrees Celsius

Put all of the red mushroom into the oven and set the temperature as 100℃ for 1 to 3 minutes heating. After heating, we take them out of oven and cool them off.

Step 7: Panit a Little Yellow Color on the Mushrooms.

Pour out some yellow paint and tone it with clean water. In order to increase the colorful feeling of the mushroom, we paint a shallow coat of yellow on the surface of the red mushroom.

Step 8: After the Color Dry, Panit Some Bright Oil on It.

Wait till the yellow paint to dry off then we paint a coat of oil to increase the brightness of the mushroom.

Step 9: Make the Earrings

Producing of the metal-part of the earrings——we link up the water-drop shape bottom-ring with the hook by the single circle.

Step 10: Trim Moss

Trim out the green moss we need and distribute the right amount to each earring.

Step 11: Paste It ( Combination the Mushrooms & Moss)

Stick the mushrooms, green moss and pearls onto the earrings by a melting glue gun.

Step 12: Complete!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making a Mushrooms Earrings with Soft Clay!!
So lovely a small mushrooms with fresh moss!
Hope you will like it!
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