Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Earrings With Bamboo Patterns

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  • and Materials:
  • Sterling silver
  • Marker Pen, Pencil
  • Water, Degrade solution
  • Hammer, Polishing tool
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Tableting machine

Step 1: Confirm the Size of the Earrings

Use scissors to trim off a square piece of silver for usage.

Step 2: Heat Up and Cool Down

Place the square silver piece on the heating platform and heat it evenly to soften it. Then put it into the cool water and please be careful about the heat.

Step 3: Pattern Making

Use scissors to trim the barks of same size. Stack the silver and the bark together into the tablet machine, adjust the machine and start pressing. After pressing, the silver’s contacting side with the bark would achieve the pattern of the bark.

Step 4: Design Drawing

Turn aside the silver to its non-pattern side and draw the outlines of the leaf on it with a pencil. Then use scissors to cut off 4 pieces of leaf-shape silver pieces according to the outlines.

Step 5: Shaping

The trimmed silver pieces will change their shapes due to their softness. Now we place them onto the metal platform and hammer them slightly to make them become smooth again. Put the silver pieces onto the metal mould and place the circle metal mould upon the silver pieces. Hammer the mould slightly and make them bend.

Step 6: First Polishing

The trimmed silver piece’s incision would be sharp and we shall use polishing tools to make them smooth. Next, use tools like tweezers to fix the shape.

Step 7: Forming

Stack up the front and rear of two silver pieces and check the drilling positions. According to the positions, pick 2 pieces of silver from the 4 for drilling.

Step 8: Second Polishing

Polish the top of the silver piece and make it smooth.

Step 9: The Making of Ear Stud and Linking Stud

Compare a silver wire to the size and length of a leaf silver piece. Then we will trim 2 section of ear studs and 2 section of linking studs.

Step 10: Welding and Cooling

Add welding powder onto the leaf silver piece and weld up the silver piece with the stud. After welding, place it into cold water to cool off.

Step 11: Cleaning the Welding Dirt

Black welding dirt will be produced and we shall use polishing tools to clean them away.

Step 12: Assembling

The leaf shaped silver pieces will group up two by two. We will fix tight the extra part of the studs through the drilling holes.

Step 13: Last Polishing and Buffing

Use polishing machine and buffing machine to polish the details of the earrings.

Step 14: Complete!!

This type of earrings’ idea comes from leaves and they are able to keep the patterns of the leaves smartly forever. Hope you would like them!

In this video:
1. How to make bark patterns on sterling silver

2. Drawing pattern on the sterling silver and cut

And finally, we assemble and install the silver leaves, making earrings! Hope you will like it!!