Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Pendant As Starry Sky!

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Tools and Materials:

Sterling silver



Hammer, Texture hammer




Saponification solution

Step 1: Choose the Galaxy and Trim It

Place the silver piece onto the platform and use soft hammer to hammer it to make it flat. Choose the galaxy-pattern you want and tape it onto the silver piece. Trim the silver piece according to the design.

Step 2: Patterns Making and Drilling

Put the silver piece onto the platform and choose the pattern-hammer you want. Now hammer the silver piece to make it with patterns. According to the patterns of the paper, we will process the punching and drilling.

Step 3: Heating and Cleaning

Now the drilling is done and the holes are done as well. We will use heater to burn off the paper on the silver’s surface. Next we will clean off the silver piece with clean water.

Step 4: Brass Points Making

According to the holes of the silver piece, we will trim off a section of brass wire which is enough for our need of making. Use tweezers to hold one end of the brass wire and put some borax onto the other end of the brass wire. Use heater to heat the end which is with borax to make brass balls of the wire.

Step 5: Assembling

As the image shows, we will get the brass wire with ball-shape. Make the brass wire go through the hole of the silver piece and place the locating ball, then cover the silver piece with another silver piece of the same size.

Step 6: Trimming

The brass wires that we trimmed before are of different lengths and they will stand out on the other side of the silver piece after assembling. So we will use scissors to trim off the extra parts of the brass wires and then we will add welding powder onto their surface. Heat the welding powder to achieve fixing then put the items into clean water to cool off.

Step 7: Polishing

Take the silver pendant out of the cleaning water and we will use polishing tools to polish the pendant to make it bright.

Step 8: Oxidization and Blacking

Heat up the liquid soap and boil the silver pendant inside the liquid soap till it is blackened. Then we will take the silver pendant out of the liquid soap and use sandpaper to process polishing.

Step 9: Cleaning the Pendant and Add in Silver Chain

Make the polished pendant clean and add in the silver chain.

Step 10: Complete!!

This silver chain of galaxy style is served with the blackened silver piece which makes the brass’s brightness become more outstanding. It is stylish and creative!

In this video:

1. We make a new design on the sterling silver, as starry sky

2. The combined use of copper and sterling silver

And finally, we make a 925 sterling silver with starry sky sterling silver pendant! Hope you will like it!!