Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Ring Creatively With Black Pearl!

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Tools and materials:

Sterling silver,


welding powder,

polishing tools,


clean water,

polishing machine,


Step 1: Designing

Draw out the general design, shape and size of the ring on the paper and mark the needed materials beside. We will have to draw out the paper-samples of all of the items for back up as well.

Step 2: Trimming

Use scissors to trim out the samples on the paper and draw out the general outlines of the items onto the silver according to the paper. Then we will use scissors to trim the silver pieces according to the marker’s marking.

Step 3: Edge Polishing

The trimmed edge of the silver is quite sharp so we will have to use a file and polishing machine to polish the edge of the silver piece so as to make it smooth.

Step 4: Shaping

The silver we choose is quite light and it is able to be shaped without heating. According to the shape of the design, we will bend the silver piece to make shape and use tools like tweezers to adjust the shape slightly.

Step 5: Size Making of the Ring

Use measurer to measure the size of the ring we need and trim off the matched silver wire according to the measuring.

Step 6: Incision Polishing

Polish the both incisions of the silver wire to make them smooth.

Step 7: Annealing

Due to the hardness of the silver wire, we will have to heat up the wire to make it achieve the annealing temperature and then put it into the clean water to cool if off so as to make it softened, which makes it easier to be shaped.

Step 8: Welding

Bend the softened silver wire slightly and add welding powder into the welding place of the silver wire and piece. Then heat up the welding powder to do the welding and cool it off after that.

Step 9: Making Shape

The welded ring will be put onto the ring-platform and we will use a soft hammer to hammer it to make shape so as to fit the finger better.

Step 10: Rivet Welding

Trim off a proper section of silver wire for rivet’s welding and add welding powder onto the welding place to weld the silver wire on.

Step 11: Cleaning and Pearl Welding

The welded ring would be put into the dilute acid solution to be soaked so as to clean off the welding dirt. The pearl will be welded onto the ring after polishing.

Step 12: Complete!!

In this video:
1.We make a sterling silver ring with black pearl

2.Measure ring size

3.Use the sterling silver to riveting the pearl

The process of this pretty ring is quite easy, the silver piece will be made from 2D shape to 3D shape and the welding method and design are so nice that it has a feeling of wrapping. On the other hand, the shape of the ring is concise and pretty, which give you a fresh feeling. Hope you like it and we appreciate it well.Hope you will like it!

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