Introduction: DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Resin Bracelet With Gold Foil!

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Tools and Materials:
  • Resin glue
  • Foil
  • Bracelet mold
  • Color (Black & White)
  • Tools

Step 1: Decorative Bracelet Mold

Pick a few silica gel models of different styles and put gold foil, silver foil and rose-gold foil into the both sides of the mold. Decorate the models and obtain the different metal patterns.

Step 2: To Prepare the Resin Glue

Prepare some resin glue. Mix up A glue and B glue according to the proportion of 3:1. Usually we will use two different cups to contain A glue and B glue individually according to the proportion. Mix up the two glues completely and stir it evenly.

Step 3: Wait

The glue after stirring up has a lot of bubbles. Now we need to put it away for a while for the bubbles to disappear.

Step 4: Add Color!

The made up resin glue needs to be separated into two. One of them will be added in with white pigment and the other one will be added in with black pigment. Stir them evenly for the color to be mixed completely.

Step 5: Placed Height Difference

Place the silicone bracelet models as the image shows and give the models a high and low drop.

Step 6: Pouring the White Color Resin Glue Into the Bracelet Mold(the Lower Side)

On the low side of the models, we will pour in the white resin glue slowly.

Step 7: Pouring the Black Color Resin Glue Into the Bracelet Mold(the Higher Side)

On the high side of the models, we will pour in the black resin glue slowly. Then we will put all the models on a same level. Now we see there are two kinds of resin glues of different colors inside the models.

Step 8: Dry Off

Place it for 12 hours for the resin glue to dry up. Now take the finished bracelet out of the model.

Step 9: Polished

Carefully polish the sharp incision of the bracelet till it is smooth.

Step 10: Complete

  • This DIY Tutorial, including how to make the Black and White Gradient with Gold Foil Resin Bracelet! Hope you will like it!
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