Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Textured Ring With Sterling Silver!??

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Tools and Materials:

  • Sterling silver
  • Tableting machine
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • hammer
  • Hammer Texture
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Design

Draw up the outlines of your ring-design on the surface of the silver with a marker. Confirm the length of the ring.

Step 2: Cutting

Trim out the silver you need according to the outlines with scissors.

Step 3: Hammering

For the silver piece is already bended after being trimmed off, we use a hammer to hammer it to make it straight and plane.

Step 4: Heating

Heat up the silver to soften it.

Step 5: Cool Down

Cool the silver down with cold water. Be careful about the heat.

Step 6: Flattened

We use a press-machine to press and lengthen the silver for it has become softened after heating.

Step 7: Manufacturing Texture

The squashed and lengthened silver will be hammered by a texture-hammer to make textures and decorative pattern.

Step 8: Trim

After pressing, the length of the silver will be different. So we will mark the size of the ring again on the surface of the silver.

Step 9: Cutting

Trim the silver according to the marking.

Step 10: Polished

Polish the trimmed silver to make the incision become smooth.

Step 11: Shaping

Put the silver onto the model of the ring. Bend it with strength and make it into a ring with a opening. Hammer it to make it fixed and firm.

Step 12: Cutting&Hammering&Polished

Pick another smaller silver piece and process the same procedures as above. This piece will be kept for the next step.

Step 13: Combination

Place the small silver piece above the opening ring and bend it, hammer it slightly as the image shows to fit these two parts completely.

Step 14: Add Solder Powder

Fix the ring on the table and add welding powder to the area which needs to be welded. Place the small silver piece above.

Step 15: Welding

Heat the welding part of the two parts to make them welded together completely.

Step 16: Cool Down

Cool it down with cold water.

Step 17: Shaping

Put the successfully welded ring back to the ring-model and hammer it slightly to fix the shape of it.

Step 18: Placed in the Deoxidized Solution

Place the ring into the de-oxidation solution for a few minutes.

Step 19: Cleaning

Slightly brush away the dirt on the ring’s surface.

Step 20: Complete!!

About this ring, we creatively use the advantage of the silver elements, which is easy to be shaped and be textured, to combine the both sides of the ring. This craft will make the ring less heavy and easier to be shaped and fixed, which makes the ring more charming and smarter.

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making a Textured Ring with Sterling Silver! Hope you will like it!

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